Samuel Loy

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Who is Samuel

Samuel Loy was born in Paris, France. He is of French and Israeli descent. He moved to California in 2012, a place that would provide him the opportunity to build a professional career while pursuing his athletic goals in the great outdoors of the American West.
Samuel is both a US and French Citizen. He has studied American history, law and politics. He is one the rare individuals to possess an extensive knowledge and deep understanding of both the United States and France.

Professional life

Samuel is the co-founder & President of the French-American Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles, the largest French-American business network in California.  In this role, he has assisted hundreds of French companies and individuals invest in California, thus contributing to the US economy and the creation of American jobs.

In the past, Samuel worked for a Political Action Committee. In this role, he has helped organize fundraising events for California members of the US House of Representative and Senate and has raised money in support of their candidacy.

Samuel is involved in the protection of American public lands and promotion of the outdoors. He served as the Fundraising Chair of the Sierra Club Los Angeles Chapter. He is also involved in lobbying efforts and has represented environmental interests on Capitol Hill in D.C..



Outdoor Enthusiast

From an early age, Samuel would travel regularly to the French Alps where he developed a strong passion for the outdoors. Samuel was a Boy Scout Leader throughout his teenage years and led several expeditions in remote places, included Northern Canada and Lapland.

But what attracted Samuel was the American West, with its epic vistas and legends. Since relocating to California, Samuel has focused his athletic goals on mountaineering, alpine climbing, backpacking and kayaking. From the lowest canyons to the highest peaks, he has explored countless National Parks, National Forests and remote wilderness areas.